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metacarpals, are of the more ancient type represented in Alces,
Hydropotes, etc. A gall-bladder is present. The young, as
in so many Cervidae are spotted; but the adult is of a greyish-
brown colour.

FIG. 15,

x £.     (From Nature.)

that   MoscTius is  more  nearly related  to
any   other  Ruminants.      It   is  regarded

There is no doubt
te Cervidae than to
T Sir "W. Flower as " an undeveloped deer—an animal which
most points (absence of horns, smooth brain, retention of
.ll~bladder, etc.) lias ceased to progress with the rest of the
oup, while in some few (musk gland, mobile feet) it has taken
special line of advance of its own,"
The musk itself, which gives its name to the creature, is
ind in a gland on the belly, about the size of a hen's egg.
ie "whole gland is cut out and sold in this condition. Such
of musk deer have been and are killed for this purpose
the rarity of the animal is increasing. In the seYenteenth